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We have a excellent service department to help not just our customers but anyone in need of automotive maintenance & repairs. Our service center is located at 2905 Bridge St. Across from the Victoria city yard.

Formally known as Shepherd’s Auto Repair, we are excited to have the opportunity to continue the same great service that John and Sylvia Shepherd have given to all of their clients. We hope that everyone will continue to come in for the same great, reliable service with Malibu Automotive.

Service: 2905 Bridge St. V8T 4T2

Call: (250).383.6499

Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri - 9am - 5pm












alibu Automotive Maintenance & Repair can handle all of your automotive needs, from tune-ups to engine repairs. With Malibu's knowledgeable staff and scanning equipment, we can complete the job right the first time.

                                                                  "WE SERVICE WHAT WE SELL"

       Call (250).383.6499 or email:  to schedule your next service appointment.


Engine Service

Your car has a Car Maintenance and Service Schedule that is designed by the manufacturer to prolong the life of your car. This schedule is based on mileage and age. The specifications will vary for each vehicle and is outlined in the Owner’s Manual; or, alternatively we can look-up your vehicle in our database which provides us with the scheduling specifications (including any recalls and Technical Service Bulletins).

It is important to follow these specifications for both warranty type purposes and to make your car last as long as it can. We are qualified to provide these maintenance services; and as an independent operator our services are cost effective.

Your warranty will remain valid as long as the servicing has been done by a qualified service provider in accordance to the manufacturer schedule. If a warranty related problem arises the dealership is obliged and willing to repair the item; and our experience is that they do this work happily because they want/need you to be satisfied with your car.

At the end of the service we will discuss our findings with you directly if there are any concerns/issues.

Please contact us to discuss and schedule your car’s maintenance requirements. Call (250).383.6499 or email: 

Tune Up

We take pride in making sure your car gets only what it needs and when it needs it. Call us at 250.383.6499 to discuss your car maintenance requirements for any domestic or import vehicle.

A regularly scheduled tune up helps maintain the performance of your car and extend its life. A tune up may also be done to resolve problems you are currently experiencing. The needs of your car will depend on the age of the car, how much you drive it, whether or not you do regular maintenance, and how well the car is currently running — with our experience working on all types of vehicles we will offer guidance that suits your needs. We focus on the “must do’s”, “should do’s”, and “the future to do’s” and all this is based on how long you plan to keep your car; the type of car; your approach to maintenance; etc.

The following is a list of some of the tune up services that your car may require:

- Scan the computer to confirm it is managing the performance of your car properly and fixing only what is necessary
- Check the ignition system
- Replace fuel filter and air filter if necessary
- Clean the throttle
- Check PVC system and vacuum hoses
- Assess the spark plugs and wires and replace if necessary
- Check and adjust the carburetor and choke (if applicable)
- Replace the points, condenser, distributor cap and rotor (if applicable)
- General inspection, diagnostics and related adjustments, etc.
Our approach to a tune up is to talk to you, take the car for a drive; and then determine what is truly required. At the end of the service we will discuss our findings with you directly if there are any concerns/issues.

Please contact us to schedule your vehicles next service: (250).383.6499 or email:

Oil Change

Each car manufacturer provides a recommended oil change interval. Oil is the life blood of your engine and should be replaced without failure.A Lube, Oil, Filter service is not just an oil change, it includes a 20-point maintenance and safety inspection that addresses the following components of your vehicle:

- Inspect and change the oil and oil filter
- Inspect and top up all fluid levels, belts, and hoses
- Inspect brakes, tire condition, and tire pressures
- Inspect all lights and wiper blades
- Inspect and replace air filter if required
- Test and inspect battery condition
- Inspect front-end steering and suspension
- Inspect U-Joints and CV boots
- Inspect exhaust
- General visual inspection of the undercarriage and motor
- Road test to assess the overall running of the vehicle
- Report on all findings and provide advice/guidance using the principles of “must do’s”, “should do’s”, and “the future to do’s”

Please contact us to schedule your vehicles next service: (250).383.6499 or email:


LUBRICO Limited Powertrain Protection is available for purchase with every vehicle. Our service contracts provide parts and labour coverage for the following:

Engine - Engine block and cylinder head(s) (excluding damage caused by overheating regardless of cause), all internally lubricated parts including: crankshaft and main bearings, camshaft and bearings, connecting rods and bearings, timing chain(s)/timing belts and gears, valve lifters and push rods, intake and exhaust valves, valve springs and retainers, valve guides, valve covers, pistons, piston rings and wrist pins, rocker arm assemblies and oil pump.

Transmission - (FWD/RWD) (Automatic or Standard) Transmission case (when damaged from within), all internal parts, torque converter and modulator valve.

Differential(s) - Front and/or rear differential housings (when damaged from within) and all internal parts.

Transfer Case -  (4WD/AWD) Transfer case housing (when damaged from within) and all internal parts.

Turbo/Supercharger - Turbo Supercharger housing (when damaged from within) and all internal parts.

Towing - A towing allowance of up to $40 per claim will be provided when the mechanical breakdown or failure of the registered vehicle is expressly covered under this contract.

Roadside Assistance - You will be reimbursed for the costs incurred for the following services: Gas delivery (excluding the cost of gas), lockout services, tire change, battery boosting and winching services up to $40 each per occurrence. This coverage applies to the registered vehicle and anyone who is driving it. Coverage is limited to a maximum of 3 service calls. All services listed expire at the time of service contract expiration.

Breakdown Away From Home - You will be reimbursed up to a maximum of $150 per claim for expenses incurred if a covered component fails while travelling. "Expenses" can include: costs for hotel room, buses and taxis, train or air fare. Some conditions apply.


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